Everyone loves a bargain and in times of economic recession, the need to make the pennies stretch has never been more pressing. This may be one reason why the popularity of penny auction sites has soared.

Penny auctions offer the opportunity to bid for products online for a fraction of their usual value. Just about everything and anything is readily available on these sites, from high end, luxury goods such as plasma TVs, designer watches and top of the range computer equipment, through to items such as store discount vouchers and somewhat bizarrely, even chunks of cash.

The premise is simple. Prices always start at zero, each auction is on a timer and the last bidder standing gets the goods. So in theory, in a matter of minutes, the ?300 sunglasses could be yours for just a few pence.

There is, of course, no such thing as a free lunch and you will have to pay every time you place a bid. The price per bid ranges from site to site but usually starts from as little as 50p. How much you will need to spend to get the item depends on how many other bidders there are.

The enticement of these penny auction sites is as much the entertainment and the ‘thrill of the chase’ as the opportunity to bag a bargain. Where else can you try to outsmart your fellow bargain hunter, against the clock, whilst hopefully coming away with a bargain – all from the comfort of your armchair?


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