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Is there really a way to predict the winning numbers in a lottery? Theoretically, there’s none. So, if you find any tips that guarantee to help you pick winning combinations, you better look for another more sensible post to read.

Lottery is all about probability. Unless someone intentionally manipulates the game, all drawings are absolutely random and all combinations have equal chances of winning. There is no way one can predict what numbers will be drawn. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot increase your odds of winning.

Here are some practical tips on playing (and hopefully winning) the lottery.

  • The simplest way to increase your chances of winning lotteries is by buying more tickets. Of course, this would mean investing a lot of money. Alternatively, you can join or start lottery pools. With lottery pools, you group up with other players and bet on different tickets. If a ticket wins, everyone in the pool gets a share from the winnings.

  • Choose a lottery game with the highest odds of winning. Different games have different odds of winning, so make sure to read the odds of the game before buying a ticket. Take for example; you have higher odds of winning in a state lottery with a more concentrated entry pool compared to national lotteries where there is a wider entry pool. Also, choosing unpopular games and times increases your probability of winning.

  • Don’t ignore the extra games (scratch-off games or ticket raffle) where you have better chances of winning, although the prize is usually smaller.

  • Choose random, non-consecutive numbers. According to Gail Howard, author of lottery books, betting on the “Most Probable Range of Sums” for a certain lottery game increases your chances of winning by up to 70%. For example, in a lottery game where you pick 5 numbers from 1 to 56, your combination should sum up between 106 and 179 for a higher probability.

  • Avoid choosing numbers with similar ending digit or belonging to the same number group. Although your combination may be drawn, this doesn’t improve the probability.

  • A lot of players choose numbers that they think are significant (birth dates, anniversary dates, etc.) As such, more players end up choosing between the number 1 and 31. If you pick a number higher than 31, it won’t technically boost the probability of winning, but it will most likely reduce the likelihood of sharing the prize with other winners.

  • Make sure to double-check your numbers. Missing out on your prize is not entirely uncommon. There are a lot of cases where the winner fails to claim the prize. If you’re not an avid player and are not too conscious about dates, you may need to make a reminder about the draw date of your ticket.

  • Don’t mistake your lottery ticket with other games. For example, when you check Malaysia Lottery Results, you’ll find different lottery games drawn on the same date. Be sure that you read the results for the game you’re playing and not for the other games. Some mistakenly read the result of other games, hence not realizing they’ve won.

Again, these tips are not meant to guarantee you’ll win the jackpot in an instant. But hopefully, these common-sense tips can help increase your chances of winning. Happy playing!